Dec 20, 2011 – Itinerarising

5 days til I get there. I did a ton of research on the Internet. I stopped when my head hurt. It hadn’t helped much with the confusion that prevailed so I skimmed through the guidebooks I’ve just purchased. Then I took a deep breath and decided to be a little less indecisive.

I was excited about seeing the Colosseum’s underground and third tier, which was supposed to be open until December 31st. It isn’t usually open so it would’ve been a rare opportunity. But it was closed again in November due to flooding. I’ve made myself feel better about missing it by telling myself that it’s one less thing to add to a schedule and confuse me further. Yea, that, to be honest, doesn’t really help with the feeling better part.

Tentative schedule with confirmed day trips:

25th Dec – Travel day
26th Dec – Leisurely orientation day
27th Dec – Day trip to Florence
28th Dec – Self-guided tour of classical Rome
29th Dec – AM Borghese gallery and gardens tour/PM Self-guided tour of ancient Rome
30th Dec – Day trip to Naples and Pompeii
31st Dec – AM Self-guided tour/PM Reservations at a jazz club (with fantastic reviews)

The week of 1st January 2012 is wide open. During it I want to take a cooking class, discover the lively Trastevere, get an Italian haircut, shop for shoes and art (this’ll probably be part of the entire trip anyway), read all about and then see Bernini’s works and Caravaggio’s works in Rome, perhaps take in an opera…this could all change. Just watch.


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