Traveling Solo

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

This is the first time I’m writing about any of my solo trips. I’ve traveled alone a few times, but I would not call myself a seasoned traveler (especially given how frazzled I get while packing) and I haven’t made it to nearly as many places as I’d like to have been to. I’m learning as I go along, from the mistakes I make as well the ones I don’t. There are times when I do extremely touristy things and times when I don’t do things every single guidebook walks tourists through. E.g. I didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower when I was in Paris: It was too crowded and I had only 4 days in that beautiful, mesmerising city. I was able to spend only 3 days in Rome last time but its beauty left its indelible mark. It rained the last time I was there. But in Rome it felt like it just added to the romantic winter atmosphere of the ancient city. Whether it’s luck or the coin I threw over my shoulder into the Trevi Fountain I’m glad to be going back there for two weeks this time.

Prepping for Rome – Dec 2011-Jan 2012


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  1. Our Life In 3D

    They say ‘to live life and not to travel is like buying a book and only reading the first few pages.’ Congrats on the love of travel. We love to travel to warm places and historic places; beautiful places and fun places. The Caribbean has been our favorite place to explore, including the the sea. Their is never enough time! Keep us posted on your travels!

    Great blog!


    • Karishma

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, Andy; I appreciate it very much! I really like the quote you’ve mentioned, it’s so true! There is so much to see in the world and so little time. I haven’t made it to the Caribbean yet and, strangely enough, I haven’t traveled outside North America in the summer, but, yes, I certainly intend to.
      It’s great to hear from a travel-lover such as yourself! Thank you for taking the time to stop by here. :) I hope to be able to write more about interesting tales of travels to different places.

  2. Our Life In 3D

    I signed up to follow some of your travel exploits. We don’t go to the Caribbean in the summer but in Feb or March, when we get tired of the cold. Our fav spot is Curacao, a great place for snorkeling or diving.

    We have stayed at the Breezes there, an all-inclusive: ~ where the diving and snorkeling are free. It has a great reef right out front and the ocean side is a whole ‘nother world.

    Have a great New Year Karishma!

    • Karishma

      Thank you so much! :)
      Thanks also for the great tips, Andy! Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to travel as often as I’d like to, but you’re totally selling me on the Caribbean right now, especially given how cold it is at the moment in most of the US and in Canada. (Brrrr…)

      I visited your blog too and I love it. Little Dylan is awesomely cute and hilarious! :)
      Wish you and the family a wonderful New Year!


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