Forever and a Day

What a perfect way to point out how we let life pass us by and wait for a moment to enjoy to come along. It’s here, it’s now. Grab it. Enjoy it.

We’re living our lives without realising how much every moment we’re living today will mean to us someday. We’ll miss it. And we’ll want it all back, thinking that was it, those were the good times and, oh, if only we’d known those were the good times! If only we’d known that, we would’ve made the most of them! But now how we wish and wish they’d lasted forever!

These are the days too. But we won’t know it until it’s too late. We won’t see it until we look back. And while nostalgia’s choking us and we’re lamenting about days gone by, wasted, we’ll be missing some more. And then we’ll lament some more.

These are the days. Here. Now. Enjoy them.