This is where I collect my writings in the form of reflections, poetry, fragmentary thoughts; the pieces I’m ready to put out into the world, in your midst. Sometimes I also like to include words penned by others, words that have gotten stuck in my head or that seem especially suitable for the day or even just the moment.

As we evolve our needs change and we must find new ways to meet them. So, feeling the need to allow the creative to process privately, most of my writing is now being done either with pen and paper or on a 1930s Royal typewriter. I am still figuring out how to blend those writings with this blog. I don’t quite have the magic formula yet, perhaps never will, but, per Rilke’s suggestion, I’m living that question and hope to live my way into the answer…

(P.S. If you want to reproduce something I’ve written, please let me know. Not only is it the right thing to do with any writer’s writings (any artist’s creations) but anyone in my position will be immensely flattered.)

(Browneyedmiracle: because my name, translated, means miracle.)

My little Dolce with me