I do not want to walk your straight lines:
I wish you’d keep them
and build yourself a box
into which you can lock yourself
which you seem to so enjoy;
I want the curve of the moon
and the roundness of meaning,
a neverending circle
of infinite possibilities.
Oh, you can have certainty!
I do not care for that
but for its counterpart in the shadows
we are taught to ignore
that is bursting with life.
we are rigid, you fail to see, when we die
and I am not ready to give up
the fat, fertile drops of rain
and the messages they contain

{to a man who tries to tell me to stop reading opinion pieces (and engaging with art) because he doesn’t do that and cannot bear to have me challenge his barren worldview. those of us who recognize the indispensability of art will never stop engaging with it and never stop creating it and finding ways, new ways sometimes, to express our own subjective perspectives to enrich the world and to say things that need to be said, that have to be said. may we always, always, always challenge those who denounce the importance of opinion and art. they are the oppressors of the world.}