Sometimes you have to fence off a place inside yourself where you can safely keep the thoughts, desires, plans, dreams that are precious to you. And you have to be sure that you don’t put them in the midst of people who you already know are unable to comprehend them in the way that they are meant to be. They have shown it to you in the past. They have proved that your words land nowhere when you speak to them. The pieces of yourself contained in those words fall down a gaping abyss and you feel a little twinge when that happens, like you gave away something you shouldn’t have, something you should have held close to your chest and babied a bit because it was not ready to be mishandled just yet. Those people don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know how to connect to that part of you in which they don’t see their own reflection. And they have no other way of connecting, of relating. And you can’t teach them. Who knows if even you are any good at it, and if you are then who knows if you’re any good at teaching it? And how do you teach something that the other person doesn’t even know they need to learn? And when did it become your job to help them learn it? Isn’t your energy best reserved for other things, the things that make your heart soar and make you smile and sigh in contentment? And that you don’t get from others. That’s within you. Safeguard those precious pieces of yourself. Don’t let them be touched by those who don’t understand their importance to you, in your life. And if, because you’re only human, you do let them, take them back, though it be an effort, and polish them again, showing them the love and care that you know they deserve. Give them back their life within you and they’ll do the same for you.