{to hide and to be seen}

As I moved towards becoming an inner-life coach, I worried about my blog. I worried that my writings would be found, worried that the people I’m coaching and guiding will see how i think and what I’m like and how I feel and how I express it. So, I decided to make this website private. I tried to figure out if i could somehow delete everything that expressed an opinion or revealed a feeling. because I didn’t want that to be linked to this. even this post that I’m writing, for example. I would try to avoid any of this being discovered. I asked a few people and they more or less suggested the same thing.

Okay, I thought, I will write for myself. I will use all the journals I’ve been collecting and half-filling with stuff and put them all to even better use. In other words, I later realised, I will hide this part of myself. I will take my creativity offline and hide it from the eyes of the world, lest it be found to divulge too much.

What a burden it was becoming to embark upon that new journey!

How long was I going to keep this up? I got to thinking, What if the part of me that’s all creatrix wants to share herself with the world? Whether or not someone finds it, sees it, agrees with it, likes it. She doesn’t care about any of that. She just wants to write and maybe put it out there because she wants you to stumble upon it and read it and, then, if you like, be on your way. She’d be happy just having been part of your beautiful mind for that fleeting moment. And if you didn’t find it, well, at least it was out there. At least she did what she wanted to do. And isn’t that the least (and something huge) we can do for ourselves? Allow ourselves that freedom to create and allow ourselves to be seen whether somebody sees us or not?

What was I trying to hide anyway?


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  1. hellionworks

    Writings – on the highs, the lows and the in-betweens – are snapshots of our journey, and all that we have learned from it so far. And personally, for need of an inner-life coach, I’d be far more inclined to relate to a person I know has been through the wringer and who I can trust will hold my hand through the next phase, rather than someone who magically appears with a promise to make things better. I say let them find this blog, let them read your thoughts, let them see the times you’ve had and the lessons you’ve learnt – let them know you were where they are, and you’ve surmounted the hard times and learnt from the good ones to be where you are. If that doesn’t give them hope for their own transitions to come, I don’t know what will.

    And besides, I know one person whom your writings have helped immensely already, and that person is still thankful for it. Write on!

    • Karishma

      I truly appreciate your take on it. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and re-enforcing my decision! It is my hope that it comes across the way you have described it so well.

      It thrills me to know that it has helped in any way at all. As they say, “If you can reach one person…” :)

  2. Sean King

    Personally, I think the wholeness of who we are is what makes us beautiful. If we like the space we are in today, then we should be proud of where we were, because for good or bad it was part of our journey to happiness.

    I also think others would be more inclined to listen to you if they know you had a journey to go along with the coaching/advice. Otherwise they will think you don’t understand them, which in turn means they won’t believe you can help them. Being able to authentically relate is important.

    In our digital age, there are no deletes, no go backs, and nothing that can be hidden once it has left your mind and been placed in cyberspace. Maybe you would be successful in hiding who you are at first, but eventually these writings which beg to be seen and heard will find their way out there again… Just know it does more damage to have something discovered that you’ve tried to keep hidden than it does to acknowledge and own it.

    My last thoughts; your writing is beautiful and authentic. The world needs more of it. The world needs more souls like yours… and in case you forgot, it has been our foray into blogging and cyberspace that has forged our friendship.

    Good morning…


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