happy 2015

I long for something fresh and inspiring to say. Nothing comes to mind. I’m searching, i’m searching, and I find nothing. So, here, this will have to do:

Have a happy, luminous new year. Fill it with love and laughter (and a little innocence). For yourself and for others. Make this the year that you do something new. Make this the year that you do something that terrifies you. You fear that which you don’t know. Go on anyway. Take a chance. Risk it. Live dangerously–and safely, at the same time. Take care of your body and take care of your heart. Be good to yourself. Nourish yourself in all ways possible. Pay attention to coincidences. Acknowledge your weaknesses and remember your strengths. Perfection is overrated. Perfection is boring. Be your most wonderful imperfect self. Explore new facets of yourself. Shine them. Falter, and pick yourself up. Be the person only you can be. Appreciate your talents and find a way to live your passions. Even if it’s just one hour every week or every month. Whether anyone observes it or not, your life holds meaning. Your life is your choose-your-own-adventure book. Pick what you want. Live it as only you could. And add to it a little innocence.

will actually lift a luminous whole;
turn sheer despairing to most perfect gay,
nowhere to here, never to beautiful:
a little innocence creates a day.

And something thought or done or wished without
a little innocence, although it were
as red as terror and as green as fate,
greyly shall fail and dully disappear–

~ E. E. Cummings (from ‘who were so dark of heart they might not speak’)