[returning home]

   returning home 
   from a faraway land
   i am on a plane
   with a few bags 
   filled with memories and things

   i realise too late
   just late enough)
   that a suitcase the one 
   i had taken from home
   has been forgotten 

   i look for ways 
   to have it brought back
   then see:
   perhaps its contents are of use no longer to me
and i open my eyes
later the day 
is discovered to be 
the first 
in a very long time 
i smile for no reason
   (but maybe a rhyme
    was involved)
an angry lady on the subway glares at me 
scratches the pink-tinted day successfu...
when i look back 
she is a mere fleeting moment
—so indeed is the day
but the day-moment is longer
and smiles eclipse all else
and now is all anyone has
and remember?
              i had left 
                           unneeded somethings