let’s go next door

2013 was a great year and blah blah blah
2014 started with a lessthanBANG.
i fell sick on the very first day of this new year which, i’m sure, will still be awesome. i mean, “what you do on the first day you will on the rest too” is clearly an untrue saying. (what, you haven’t heard this one? well, maybe my mother didn’t tell enough people about it.) otherwise, most of the world would be hungover every single day, si? anyway, that aside,
i’ve been thinking
(thinking is good stuff)
and i think
that sometimes
you have to make a conscious effort to do all the little things that make you happy.
do you know what i mean?
it’s all too easy to just be comfortable and do whatever it is you’re already doing or whatever it is you’re used to doing or whatever. but,
you know what?
comfortable equalsnot happy.
i mean, you know,
we keep ourselves so busy doing all the millions of things that maybe don’t even really matter. just because.
and we fail to
take a moment
sit and think
about what we will truly enjoy
about what will bring us a moment of happiness
–however fleeting it may be
it will be something we will never regret.

as E.E. Cumming said,
“pity this busy monster, manunkind,

let’s do something we love, today.

i’d like to say, “i’m back ;)”
but i don’t want to disappoint myself
so i’ll say:
i think i’m back. let’s see. or,
i’d really like to be back.
i think sometimes we have to figure out what matters
and then find the time for all of it.
i don’t even know if that’s easy or not
but i guess it’s worth finding out.

so, after E.E. said that which we stated earlier,
he said some more stuff,
and then finally:
“listen: there’s a hell
of a good universe next door; let’s go”

p.s. happy new year and lots of love, you lovely, wonderful, imaginative, creative, inspiring, brilliant, beautiful people.


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