A Jeeves & Wooster novel up for grabs

I love used-book stores. The other day I went to one. I asked for P.G. Wodehouse and I was directed to the humour section where I searched for his books like they were rare treasure (which, I suppose, they are to me). I found 4. I wasn’t sure if I had duplicates of those at home. You see, I don’t remember the title of every single book I own. Maybe it’s a memory issue, or maybe it’s that I have too many books. Who knows? But there is no such thing as “too many” when it comes to books—But I digress! I mentioned the duplicate book issue to the store owner and he said I could come back with the receipt and return any books, in that case.

Anyway, one of the books was Right Ho, Jeeves. I came home and found that I already have this one in my collection. So I picked up another one titled Brinkley Manor. The first few words sounded extremely familiar. Can you guess what I discovered? Brinkley Manor and Right Ho, Jeeves are the same book with different titles. Why do they allow these things to happen?! (Rhetorical Q.)

So now I have THREE copies of the same book. I didn’t return them because, well, I just didn’t want to. Also, I’d rather give them away. (Maybe I’m collecting karma brownie points?)

Any takers for two of them? I’ll mail them anywhere within the US & Canada—but if and only if you’re a P.G. Wodehouse fan. Leave a comment here or email me at the address found on my “About” page. The books are used and have that delightful used book smell to them.



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    • Karishma

      I would but a. it would be too expensive, and b. chances are the book(s) wouldn’t make it there. I’ve heard horror stories about packages (or their contents) disappearing.


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