A Yesterday

A perfect day consisted of waking up late for a change, for the first time on my vacation (6 days into it).
Skipping the gym.
Having a delicious breakfast of a large bowl of oatmeal with bananas, pecans, cinnamon and brown sugar, with two croissants on the side.
Walking around, listening to live music and reading, at the jazz festival all day.
Lunching/Dining in the old part of the city at a quiet and inviting Italian restaurant. The waiter was convinced that I’m a. Italian, b. a player at the festival, c. a girl in love. (I plead a humble “not guilty” to each of those, sir.)
Recording the previous night’s dreams accompanied by some very good homemade gnocchi, a glass of Pinot grigio, and, finally, a beautiful chocolate souffle.
Polishing it all off.
Purchasing a last minute ticket to a Lyle Lovett & Chris Isaak double bill.
Being inches away from Chris Isaak and dancing the night away right in front of the stage.
Upon exiting almost at midnight, finding a lively Serbian band playing to close out my perfect day.

Today? Today I met a wonderful person from France, very much in love with and passionate about his family. How utterly refreshing. That was the highlight of the day. I also ate a grilled cheese sandwich and loitered about a bit. Made my way to the festival. Then it rained. So I came back to the hotel and went out for sushi when the clouds parted a bit. Read a lot today. That’s a highlight too. I don’t get to read a lot very often.