honey honey

[Day 20. I read PostSecret tonight having made the decision that one of  the secrets there would inspire today’s poem. Sure enough, it did.]

He chose me, you know
Didn’t want to let go
Told me I’m the one,
said he’d come undone
if I’d ever leave,
his sorry ass would grieve,
cry, beg me to stay,
won’t let me walk away,
do anything to keep
me at his side in sleep.

Then you came along.
He sang another song.
Though you knew of me
you thought you could be
the new one in his life,
he’d make you his wife,
show you fun and laughter,
happ’ly ever after,
he’d be truer to you?
Guess who else he fooled.

You can’t think it strange,
people never change.
Please, no sorries and stuff;
I can’t thank you enough
(You took him off my hands)
for stealing my man.




#20 of 30 poems

[Another title I considered for this poem was: thanks for being such a {rhymes with “more”}]

(here’s that secret that inspired the poem)


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