slow persistent burn
cruel knife twist turn
no time to let go
busy wanting more
wanton lovers live
nothing left to give
love wicked and dead
fucked up in the head
vodka potent pills
drown for lack of gills
world [fade-out]-of-sight
longest lonely night




#18 of 30 poems

[I thought I would write a haiku, inspired by my friend, Sean King’s latest pieces of writing, two passionate haiku (one here and one here). But sometimes fingers and heart conspire without the mind’s knowledge.]


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  1. Sean King

    I think I already told you that you’re amazing, but what can one do? If you said a truth that continues to be true then the only thing you can do is say it again. You are amazing.

    • Karishma

      Thank you. :) I loved your latest writings and (as stated in the postscript) that’s what made me want to write a haiku and I started to write this…but it got away from me. Thank you for the inspiration. For getting me started on this poem which you tell me is amazing.

  2. Saman

    longest lonely nights..
    makes you love the skies
    stars may be too fondly
    but then – we may be too lonely..
    your writing seems to come out with such ease,you should be proud ! lucky to have that drain out of your mind through writing !

    • Karishma

      Thank you, Saman. I feel it isn’t as easy as it might seem :)
      (Although here the longest lonely night may be a metaphor for something far more tragic [especially following drowning in vodka and pills] I really like your thought on it.)

  3. Rodney Wilder Jr.

    Wow. Dolor is right. The short lines give the poem a hectic tone which, coupled with the end rhyme, really emphasizes that torturous rumination of worry, how we let our minds and hearts linger and obsess over the very things that hurt us the most. Very potent piece, Karishma.


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