[Day 11 of NaPoWriMo.]

Footsteps resound, an empty hall
A shadow walks along the wall

Covered in robes, hood on his head
Hurries to the enchanted bed

Gathered around the others were
Waiting for him, their souls astir

Sparks! His staff hits marble floor,
A flick of his wrist slams the door

Eyes fearful-pale he sights when,
Looking up, he addresses them:

“One has not very much to say.
All lives shall change starting today.

“This is the day beginning the end,
A message dark to us is sent.

“We must forget all that we know,
All we have learned, all we were told”

—Moments passed. None of them spoke;
A promise grave someone had broke—

“If even immortals can die
Believe all truths to be a lie.”


#11 of 30 poems

[Inspiration came from a few words of a poem by E.E. Cummings (VIII, Amores, TULIPS, Tulips & Chimneys [1922 Manuscipt]) and I knew exactly how I wanted the poem to end. So I wrote the last two lines first. Then I went about figuring out what led up to them.]


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    • Karishma

      Thanks for such great feedback, Rodney! With this one I kinda started with the last two lines, knowing exactly what they had to be. A sequel poem…let’s see if I have that in me. :)
      Btw, I’ve been enjoying your poems a lot. You are such a talented, versatile writer.


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