fool, itself

[Day 9 of NaPoWriMo. Free verse.]

and you couldn’t see how far i had grown
because i was out of sight
you were not thinking about me
so you did not think and did not see

but i had grown and outgrown you and your mind
and you both thought i was still feeble
easily manipulated by them
by the others

a glutton for punishment, you thought
and you thought i would never change
and you would always suffer at my hands

but didn’t you know i suffered too?
so I learned
I had to learn
when you weren’t looking

and you weren’t thinking about me
and you kept me away from them
because you thought I would let you down again
I would fall again and take you with me

you left me alone and kept me alone
and so I gathered my resources
I learned what you needed me to
because you knew and i knew
that I’m more powerful than you two
and the only way you could be safe
was if I learned to protect you

and I have
and I will
because I’m your damned Heart
and don’t you forget it.


 #9 of 30 poems


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