moment i wake

satin soft pillow
 weary head
 sleep lives here
 its time is up
 time to be up
 flip turn snuggle
 ah driffffffft
 but un-gone
      a beckoning land
(not quite at hand)
 not quite here
      not quite there
      not magic-world
 nor waking realm
    vivid scenes
    paralysed screams
   (hallmark of these)
 wake, wake up
 where but where?!
    a line is drawn
   given the choice
    i find my voice:
    come, cross it!
    come, awake!
   brows furrow
 must i remain?
 where do i go?
 is she the same?
 this feels real
 couldn't it be?
   furious whisper
   come this way
   longer stay
   could be yours
   open those doors!
  wait! wait! wait!
   (soft snap echo)
   —gossamer breaks.
 now memories vague
 of her i make...
    for i'm this side
    (as you can see)
    what did her eyes
    take and flee?
    what if she
    is also me?



Add Yours
    • Karishma

      Thank you very much. I’m thrilled to find that I was able to communicate those moments through this poem. It satisfies me to know you have been there and you understand what it’s like.


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