Messrs. Excuses

If I meet another guy who tells me he couldn’t/can’t call me, text me, meet me, etc. because he was/is too busy, I’ll have to tell him that he’s gonna have to find us another excuse because I’ve already had and dealt with and written about a Mr. Busy. I don’t need another. Because if this thing isn’t going to work out anyway, the least he (/his presence) could do is help provide new material for this blog; it’ll make the whole charade worthwhile.

Speaking of “Misters”, here’s a limerick I read a very long time ago:

She frowned and called him Mr.
Because he fondly kr.
So out of spite
That very night
That Mr. kr. sr. 


Add Yours
  1. hellionworks

    While I understand the exasperation of having to face people not willing to commit entirely to something, or just making a halfhearted effort of it, that bit about at least providing new material for the blog is actually funny! (And it’s also a sign of how well you take it, so just keep being yourself!)


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