take a step (a haiku)

at a precipice:
if you fall, a heart might break.
if stopped, are you saved?

~ karishma


Add Yours
  1. Soki

    if stopped, (you’re absolutely right)
    then, what?

    unless you push yourself from behind
    or someone pulls you from below,
    and, in my case, it’s the former,
    always my own stupid misjudgment,
    luckily though with time, it feels like I’ve learned to re-emerge rather unscathed;
    the dear heart and ego intact.

    • Karishma

      Soki! I’m so happy to hear from you here :) We must each make our own mistakes because that is how we learn best. And you are one strong girl. You really are. That’s why your heart and ego are still intact, and always will be.


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