‘Ere We Met

Between November and March, you said. But you were more precise: You said, between November 1 and March 1 (or 10; I wasn’t sure which number the words you spoke traced in my mind). Did you say you were available or unavailable? Something was lost in the morning haze. Either way, I knew what you meant.

Are you aware that we’re almost there? That November has come and gone and so have December and January? February is on its last legs and soon March will bring the promise of Spring and the end of your promise.

But if Life has taught me anything, it’s patience. And that people can be late and, perhaps, sometimes, so can our stars. And that there are traffic jams and snowstorms and delayed flights. And that there are endless combinations of events that can keep us from getting to important places on time.

So, with the Universe’s permission (which it will simply have to grant me), I’m giving you some more time. Because, so long as you get here, I’m not in a hurry. Because this is but one lifetime. Because you made a promise and you should be allowed to keep it, even if you’re running late.

And a promise is a promise, especially when made in a dream…because people can lie, but my dreams have never lied to me.


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  1. Saman

    Brilliant !! I love the faith on the dreams part ;) You seem very generous in time giving .For some people,even a lifetime falls short on to fullfilling anything they ever promised or even said – even if in dreams :D

    • Karishma

      Thank you, Saman. :) I’m quite impatient, in general, but I’ve a feeling that if I rush or if I give up I will be doing myself (and possibly another) a big disservice. Even if the promise never comes to pass at least I will know that I did my best.


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