Here, But Then

Looked in the mirror and she grinned
A smile of hope and other things
That she didn’t want to say out loud;
She knew that that wasn’t allowed.

He texted her excitedly,
Said, “I’m so damn eager to see
You after so long, I can’t wait!
This time I swear I won’t be late.”

As he drove up, she fixed her hair,
She checked her lips, she did not care
That he was late for now they were,
Like she’d wanted, together.

He said, “We’re going someplace nice.
Hope you don’t mind, it’s a surprise.
And I hope you’ll believe this:
You really, truly have been missed.”

“I love you, and,” she said, she sighed,
“Could no longer keep that inside.
It’s what I feel and had to say
Though you don’t feel quite the same way.”

“I’m really glad, you know, my dear,
That we are both finally here.
Let’s please bury the past, it’s dead.
I love you too,” he quietly said.

They both were there and so it seems
 Like that’s the stuff contained by dreams;
 But Time is the trick it’s about:
 She loved him then. He loves her now.

~ Karishma


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