Clues & Virtues

After being struck by co-incidences, or synchronous events, over and over again, I noticed their nature of being  subtle roadsigns informing us that we’re on the right path, helping us connect the dots that we have already stood upon. When I saw people from one part of life pop up in a seemingly unrelated part of it, I was awed and I was convinced I was meant to be where I was at that moment.

But now, lately, I’ve noticed co-incidences that are not too-obviously related to pieces of the past. Yet, curiously enough, they keep popping up. Some I recognise quickly and some reappear over and over again until I pay attention to them. So I’ve started collecting these co-incidences like clues, like pieces of a puzzle. I’m choosing to not share  them because they’re, to me, simply too important to be allowed to be touched by another’s perspective while they’re still so young. I don’t know so far what they will culminate in but I know I will have to be patient.

To be patient is to allow the unfolding of destiny, of wisdom, and of spiritual growth to proceed at their own unhurried pace.

~ Dr. Brian Weiss


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    • Karishma

      Thank you so much! I’m starting to learn to be more aware and pay more attention to these mysterious events which are asking to be noticed. We don’t stand to lose anything by it, do we? :)

  1. Saman

    Patience – difficult at timess but always paysoff well !
    With time,experiences and maturity,we are able to understand our own past experiences even better.Many a times learning isnt limited to any specific time frame. Exposures into past life events keep poping up leading to a greater understanding of that particular event ,irrespective of the fact that it might not effect us anymore.
    We dont know if or not this learning is the last or there are many to come… whenever they come ,they do bring alot of insight into our own thought process and experiences.

    • Karishma

      Thank you, Saman! You’re right: Hindsight is always 20/20…and sometimes once we can see that, we’re able to learn from it and chart the future better, and whether it works out that way or not, it leaves us richer for the experience. :) Every little thing learned definitely adds more meaning to it all. Thank you for a comment of such understanding.

      • Saman

        I knew not..
        of the person I heard of alot !
        as life unfolds..
        I see it now-
        she is no short of a miracle..
        and I happily wonder how !
        of people I know,only a few..
        who hold in their hearts – nothing blue !

        Its very difficult Karishma to- not judge people based on the very limited stuff one has heard of them,and I’m glad I didnt !
        Writters work reflect their personality,thought process and their innerself ! Your’s is reflected by bright shinning colors !

        • Karishma

          Such sweetness, Saman! Thank you! :)
          I can only imagine what you must have been told, and it’s interesting to me that none of it was good, but now I realise that it comes down to the inherent nature of some people (like the one we have in common). And it seems to me that not much is different, even after all these years.
          I appreciate the fact that you did not base your judgement on one-sided words, and that speaks tremendously of your maturity, your big heart, and your kind nature. Thank you for letting me see what a wonderful person you are. Much love to you..


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