Adieu, Mr. Busy

(Mr. Busy of A Standing Ovation, Please, Delirium, Broken Promises, and  a few more…)

A million reasons filled his mind
Each one a shard, each one unkind
He said them all and freed himself
From her vise-grip, or so he felt.
A million reasons he could find
To say, “That’s why you won’t be mine.”
He also said, “Though I could see
Me spending my life happily
With you, I won’t and this is why.
I know we could reasons defy,
But I’m stupid and I don’t know
What’s important, what matters most.
See, Love is nothing but a fraud
I find this whole concept quite odd.
Love isn’t real, it’s fantasy
‘Cept between child and its mommy.
I don’t know why I can’t let go
Of you, but Love it’s not, for sure.
Who knows why I come back to you?
But with it Love’s got naught to do.
With you, I can be myself, true
And with you, I smile and laugh too.
And although you could be The One,
You would if you were far more young.”

She heard him out, she listened well,
Then said, “To you I’ve this to tell:
You used to make me happy once,
Since then have passed so many months;
You don’t believe in Love and that
Just breaks the deal, now there’s a fact,
You’ve kept the wings of your heart clipped,
Your fatal words were poison-tipped,
They’ve choked my heart and made it say
Something you won’t like. Anyway,
A million reasons I have, too,
Just one matters: I don’t Love you.”

~ Karishma


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  1. Saman Aamir

    hearts know d tale.. ur style of writing is simply engaging ..comes across so simple and yet to deep and v thoughtfull !
    loving d poetic u !


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