Another Short Tale of Coinci—Synchronicity

I haven’t written much lately. I’ve let the mundane nature of life take over and I haven’t had many deep thoughts significant enough to consider sharing here. I did, however, go on a trip to the US with my little Dolce. I wanted to write all about the trip here, but I just didn’t find time to. For now let’s suffice it to say that the plane rides were extremely stressful for Dolce. He yelped and barked frantically sometimes and, since it was my first time flying with a dog, I was afraid they’d kick me off the plane. When I realised they couldn’t ask me to leave the plane at 35,000 ft I was afraid they’d blacklist me or something. They didn’t do either of those.

My parents and brother live in the US and they just got a black labrador whom they’ve named Cleopatra (!), so Dolce and I went to visit them all. I knew that I wouldn’t listen to music on the journey, at the airport or on the plane, because I’d need to know if Dolce was whining or making any sounds and I’d conveniently forgotten to bring a book along. At the airport, I walked in and out of a little bookstore a few times. I’m sure the thought that something must be wrong with me crossed the clerks’ minds. Anyway, I picked up two books: One was Selling the Invisible and the other one was The Book of Even More Awesome. It’s a sequel to The Book of Awesome which I haven’t read and, admittedly, I’m not sure I’d heard of it either. (I wonder if that gives one the impression that I live under a rock.)

I should really have just picked up one book because the only chance I had to read was at the airport. That was the only time during the journey that Dolce slept in his little carrier. The rest of the time, i.e. on the flight, he was too stressed out to sleep as calmly and quietly. He did sleep at one point, when I kept the carrier on my lap and put my hand inside it, so that he could feel a little safer. However, it was not easy to read with one free hand and a big bag in front of me . The book I did read a little of was The Book of Even More Awesome. And I don’t really like sequels to bestsellers because they usually don’t compare to the first piece of work. They’re usually published just to capitalise on the popularity of the bestseller. But this one was good.

It was a quite a feel-good book and all the little observations of all things awesome were really pretty awesome. I felt calmer, a little happier, a little lighter somehow. When I was packing to come back home I left the book behind at my parents’ house. I didn’t think I’d read it again. I don’t know why.

Today’s the first Sunday since I got back. One ritual I follow every Sunday is visiting PostSecret. When I reached the bottom of the page today, I found mention of Neil Parischa (the author of the aforementioned books of awesome) and his blog 1000 Awesome Things.

I’m not looking for coincidences. Trust me, I’m really not. But wait—let me not call things like these coincidences. The way I mean it is more accurately described as synchronicity (a Carl Jung concept). And not only was there mention of Neil Parischa, Frank (the creator of PostSecret) also mentioned Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes which is my favourite comic in the world and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I admire Bill Watterson’s refusal to let his precious comic be merchandised. It could have made him unbelievably rich, but he resisted.

(On synchronicity, here’s an interesting read: Rhine Newsletter – 2011-06. My experiences are like grains of sand compared to Pantas’ Stonehenge. Do read it if you have the time.)

Frank made mention of these on his blog because Neil Parischa is ending 1000 Awesome Things while it’s at its peak, which is exactly what Bill Watterson did with Calvin and Hobbes. It’s a wise thing to do; their creations will always be remembered in the best way possible.

It’s too bad we can’t apply this to relationships which are allowed to run their course, die down, and be remembered for only the heartache and pain that came at the end. We try our best to salvage them even when there’s nothing left. Can you imagine ending them at a high point? “Hey, we’re really deliriously happy together, so let’s end this now while we still have the love and good memories of each other.”

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