They Live in Shadows & Silence

They lie buried deep within. Sometimes they hide from you, sometimes you from them. You don’t speak of them for fear that that might make them real. You don’t want to wake them. You don’t want to disturb them. You know that if you do they will haunt you. You pretend they don’t exist. You’re like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand.

They hide in the shadows and distract you with bright lights. You tiptoe around them. You use euphemisms to conceal their evilness–not for others, but for you. And so they lay dormant for as long as they like.

Every once in a while, they wake up, remind you of their presence, torment you, create conflict in your heart, leaving you unable to understand whether you love or you hate. You ignore them, you try to snuff them out, quieten them, and they retreat into the shadows.  They’ve lain there for decades, rotting, and so their home is within you. And you pretend they don’t live there.

You want them to disappear, to leave you alone, to fade into the darkness…all on their own.

But, to fight your demons, you first have to face them.


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  1. hellionworks

    At what point does one decide when to face such demons as there may be, and how? What would it take to dig up those wounds, just so a person can see how much damage they may have caused, and how far has one healed? Procrastination is certainly an easy way out, all the more so if, in the course of moving past what we think are milestones, we choose forget just how deep they run – and what harm they are still capable of causing. But then again, what would it take to muster the courage to face up to these demons that exist on the periphery of the conscious, ready to take over at a moment’s notice? Deciding that, perhaps, is the biggest demon of them all. As ever, you’ve voiced these thoughts beautifully! Wonderful stuff!

    • Karishma

      I find that it is a journey of self-healing that must be embarked upon to rid oneself of the demons. Thank you so much for your comment! And I look forward to reading more on your blog soon!


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