This time I thought I was immune
But now I know I spoke too soon
I thought this time I would be fine
With doing things your way, not mine
I have let go, don’t get me wrong,
I don’t want you for short or long
I’ve learned my lesson and I know
What’s real, what’s true, and what’s just show.
But there still lurks something that hurts,
I guess, it’s something in your words
I did not know I’d feel that way
With words that you so calmly say.
And as you speak, I see you smile
While mine ups and leaves for a while
I don’t think you noticed because
You still went on without a pause,
I went quiet, I looked at you,
But that you did not notice too.
You even looked into my eyes
Then said something about neckties…
I feel a little twitch inside,
I feel a sting and I’m surprised,
I wait, I call it back, it hides,
Wait til the stab of pain subsides.
I try to bring it back–In vain!
You’ve stolen that smile yet again.

But, fret not, for I’ve grown strong
I don’t think you’ve done any wrong
I let you in, I let you stay,
‘Twas I that let you have your way,
A moment, I’ll be fine; you see,
It’s one like you that I don’t seek
My smile? It simply took a break
To show me what I had at stake.

~ Karishma


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