That melody there will make you happy, they say.
I am, I tell them, thank you for the advice.
You don’t understand, they insist. Listen, for goodness’ sake!
To what?
Are you ignorant? You know what we mean, and all that jazz.
Maybe someday. Maybe not. Who knows?
Now is the time! You’re not getting younger. Time’s flying by…
I commend them on that brilliant observation.
You’ll wonder where they’ve gone, the years! The years! Hark–The clock’s ticking!
That’s just my heart, I inform them, but it’s a most reassuring sound, indeed, yes.
Your heart’s not as young anymore and you should find it another beat.
It is free to catch another beat, another rhythm, of its own accord.
And what if it doesn’t because you didn’t care to find the orchestra and write a symphony?
Well, then it’ll have to make its own music, won’t it?
It’ll be just the one instrument by itself. That should worry you.
It doesn’t, I assure them, I believe it is possible for solos to be quite enchanting.


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