Read the Sign, Kid.

When you run into so many of them that life seems to be but a series of coincidences, you tend to stop believing in that term. It becomes so commonplace that it isn’t really a coincidence anymore. Experiences and events are interwoven with threads of synchronicity. They appear to be connected in a deeper, or, if you wish, simply less superficial, manner.

I never cease to be amazed at the way in which my choices intersect at distant points in the future. For instance, at my last job I met a person whom I had a chance to interact with and discover that they had founded an institute which offers a variety of interesting resources to help people achieve significant changes in their lives by developing a better understanding of how the human mind and its underlying processes work. I was intrigued by it but did not delve into it too much. I did not speak to the person about this again but, for some reason, I never forgot that encounter.

A few years later, I crossed paths with a wonderful lady who, to my great delight, shared my enthusiasm for dreams and helped me with some of my dark and confusing ones. One of my dreams actually took me on a tour of my own mind, introduced me to different facets of myself, and I found parts I didn’t like very much that I, then, could work on changing. I was greatly surprised to find, some time later, that she was directly connected with the institute I had found so interesting and that she knew the person I spoken with that day quite well. It was such a strange coincidence that it seemed almost like it was a message to me, telling me this was meant to happen as a result of the choices I was making. Strangely, I felt that it meant I was on the right path. Choices I had made that led me to that person and then to her were the correct ones. I certainly concede that what’s right and what’s wrong is highly subjective, but I felt that if there was a path charted out for me (by me, of course…but that’s a different story) I was on it.

A few weeks ago, in Dolce’s training class we met a mini Dachshund who was born on the same day as him. In their classes, these two are the only ones who behave like kindred spirits. The Dachshund is a little shy and Dolce gives her her space. He respects her boundaries while inviting her to play and that is helping her open up a little more. We keep commenting on what a coincidence it is that they have the same birthday, are in the same training class, and get along so very well. What compelled me to write about this today is that I found out that the Dachshund’s owner and I are born exactly a week apart. Was that part of the reasons she was drawn to that particular puppy while I was drawn to the one I picked? Maybe it’s as simple as that. Maybe it isn’t. There may not necessarily be a reason behind us meeting, but it has definitely made the experience more meaningful.

I wasn’t on the search for these coincidences. I wasn’t looking to figure out whether I’m on the right path or not, that isn’t part of a conscious thought process with me. I happened to run into these meaningful discoveries and they made me stop and think. You can look at these synchronous occurrences and play them off lightly, nonchalantly, like they mean nothing. Or you can choose to look at them as those roadsigns that subtly tell you, whatever you’ve been doing, whether you’ve taken detours, missed exits, or gone around roadblocks or crashed into them, you haven’t lost your way yet.

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