Time-less People

This popped out at me a while ago, but now I’ve really had enough. It was a close friend’s birthday and, as I saw her Facebook “Wall” fill up with birthday greetings, I knew the odds were that I’d inevitably see this one. And I did. It said, “HBD.” According to me, this is not an appropriate birthday greeting. In case you weren’t aware, that’s how some people wish others on birthdays these days. Are they really that lazy? It’s confounding. Are they unable to make time, just an extra second or two, to spell out “Happy birthday” now? I mean, seriously, would it kill them to type a few more letters? Would those extra keystrokes leave their fingers paralysed?

HBD?! Are they wishing the other person for the heck of it? Just because? It means nothing. It’s just for show and it’s obvious that the person writing it is simply fulfilling a social obligation. Clearly, they don’t mean it and couldn’t care less about the wish. Why else would they try to be done with it as quickly as possible? Does that come with a rock wrapped in silver paper? I’m not saying they need to write a message worth a greeting card, a simple “Happy birthday” suffices. Isn’t that short and generic enough? Why the need to summarise it further, abbreviate it, and turn it into a joke? Why don’t they just save that microsecond it took them to write “HBD” and use it to say “Shame on me!” instead? Or maybe they’d like to abbreviate that to SOM first.

If somebody does this to me, I’m going to reply with TY…if I don’t have a brain aneurysm first.



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