Lovers & Haters

It’s a great day to use as an excuse to celebrate love, but the hype that surrounds it is almost on par with that around New Year’s Eve. There’s too much pressure on making this day special. It’s almost like no matter what else you’ve done the rest of the year, if you fail someone on this day it’s the only one that counts.

And it has become too in-your-face, too commercialised, manufactured. By the time it actually rolls around, it’s on display everywhere. I don’t want to have to see hearts at every corner and I don’t want to see a profusion of red (or pink) or life-sized teddy bears. Everyone knows  it’s Valentine’s Day–unless they’re living in a little hole and haven’t been outside it in many, many years. We all know that it’s coming up and we know what it means. There’s no need to drench everything in the colour people think represents love. You know what else red looks like? Blood. It’s the colour you’d see if you chanced upon the crime scene created by a movie villain brandishing chainsaws. And pink looks like your insides. A pink balloon looks like your stomach and your tongue and the flesh underneath the epidermis.

But that’s not the worst. It’s not bad at all compared to the anti-Valentine’s Day camp that takes the giant heart on top of the cake (and slashes it to smithereens). By all means, celebrate Valentine’s Day if you like and if you don’t, you’re free to ignore it. If you’re in a wonderful relationship, celebrate your love with your significant other. If you’re happily unattached, celebrate your singlehood, by yourself, with people you love, friends, family. But don’t take it to an obsessive level.  There’s no need to have a “Down With Love” protest. It’s almost like you’re outraged that other people would dare acknowledge the existence of such a day when you’re so obviously painfully single. Maybe you should use the alone time you have on this day to work on sorting out your issues instead of spending your energies on spreading your bitter anti-love sentiment. (I actually saw someone change their profile picture to one that says “I Hate Valentine’s Day.” Um, who cares?) If you really hate the day, keep it to yourself, will you? No one likes a negativity-spewing complainer–and if there’s someone who does, that’s a whole other set of issues.

With that being said, here’s a little something I chanced upon that you can surprise your significant other with: Egg in the Basket. Yes, I know it’s heart-shaped, but it’s such a personal and sweet gesture. Now excuse me while I step aside and gag because I just walked by a store called Hallmark.


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