The Unexpected Kreativ Blogger Award

  In an interesting turn of events, this blog has been nominated for a Kreativ Blogger Award by the skilled psychevida. It never ceases to amaze me that anyone’s actually reading my meandering thoughts put into words, taking the time to comment or choosing to follow my blog. And for those reasons, this is a tremendous, most unexpected honour which I appreciate more than I can say.

In going through ups and downs, I had been thinking, recently, that I think too much. If I’m not busy my mind appears to go into overdrive, analysing the tiniest of incidents, musing on every aspect of life, sometimes calming me down and sometimes getting me worked up. A few days ago I found myself thinking about a week-old incident which hadn’t bothered me earlier and it suddenly struck me that I let myself think a lot and, while it usually makes for good material to write about, it drives me crazy sometimes. At that point I considered shutting down the blog. It was providing me with a reason to overthink.

I had forgotten the words of all the people who have ever told me that a piece has helped them in some way. I had forgotten about the sense of fulfillment I derived from that knowledge. I had forgotten how much it helped me to know that another person can relate to a certain feeling, or thought, or musing, that I’ve written about, in any way. Somehow, being nominated for this award by a peer has brought all of it back. And, in case they didn’t know it already, I’m very grateful to everyone who has encouraged and supported me and given me the courage to share my innermost thoughts in such a public setting.

What about all that overthinking, you ask? It’s worth it. And, well, I think we know that I’d probably still have overthought things anyway; I just wouldn’t have been writing about them. How terrible a fate for those thoughts. Consider them rescued.

Getting back to the matter at hand, one challenging condition of acceptance of the award is that you have to come up with 10 (!!) previously unknown (and somewhat interesting, I’m sure) facts about yourself. Then you must nominate 6 other blogs which deserve this recognition too. Your readers learn more about you and about who you admire.

The facts:

  1. I don’t have a favourite colour.
  2. When I write poetry, I feel like I’m taking the easy way out.
  3. The only reason I don’t have a pet is that I like to travel.
  4. I’m secretly glad no one I know has the same shoe size as I do (5 and a half) so no one can ask to borrow my shoes.
  5. I also don’t like lending books. People seem to forget to return them.
  6. My earliest memory is from when I was 3 years old.
  7. I once wrote a (now embarrassing) very amateur, Sidney Sheldon-style novel, at least 400 pages long, when I was 16. It was handwritten, spanned several thick notebooks, and was set in San Francisco, a city I hadn’t ever visited until 3 years ago on the first trip I actually planned myself.
  8. If I’m using a camera I haven’t bought myself, chances are I’ll lose it. (The present count is at 3.)
  9. I have an Excel spreadsheet for my shoes. (I’m not sure I should make this public knowledge but this list is tough to make!)
  10. I’m vehemently disgusted by those red tags that mark location on Google Maps. Here’s a link to an extremely disturbing picture of it. I cannot bear to look at them. *shudder*

And here are 6 talented bloggers who deserve a nomination for the Kreativ Blogger Award and your time:

finding life in a death
Deirdra Alexander’s Blog
Hellionworks – Mindspace

Irrelevant Blog #51401082



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    • Karishma

      Thank you, Neha!
      I wish I still had the novel! After moving so many times (cities, countries), it got lost in transit somewhere. If it was around, I’d’ve put it up and we’d all have had a few good laughs. :)

  1. skydiver3333

    Great job and congratulations.
    Writing is an outlet of the inner-self and though it is difficult to accept, it is baring the soul.
    Writing also releases the pent up emotions, feelings, frustrations and is great healer. Since you are so much into this, do not even think about not writing.

    As a natural progression, you could think of writing short stories with a twist and then plan on a book which will lead you to the Pulitzer Prize.
    Keep it up for the love of your fans and continue to be a “Fountainhead” (verb).

    • Karishma

      Thank you very much! I keep realising how important it really is and, you’re right, it does provide a great outlet for many thoughts and feelings and helps feel connected sometimes.

      Thank you for the suggestions too! I am thinking of adding something like that to the blog, maybe a series of tales, maybe fiction, maybe inspired by real life, just something to add a bit more dimension to it.

      As for becoming a “Fountainhead”…I can only hope to come close to that, but strive I will. :)

      Thank you again.

    • Karishma

      Thank you very much for the gracious compliments! :) The novel…gosh, although, while I was writing it, I dreamed of having it published, now I don’t think I’d’ve wanted to let anyone read it! It was honestly amateur at best, but thank you for having that faith in my writing. It’s most encouraging.


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