In Rome: Snippets

  • I see very few bright colours around. And when I do see them I know they must be tourists. I feel most comfortable here in neutrals or subdued shades of any colour. I was wearing mustard yellow tights with a knee-length skirt today and people stared at them a little too much. I mean, almost every single person who walked past me did. Even kids. Did not want that attention. Trekked back to the hotel and changed into something tweed and grey. Less attention immediately.
  • Jaywalking has never been so much fun. Drivers stop for you without so much as a toot from the car horn. You can jaywalk anywhere, even right in front of police cars and they don’t mind. They stop for you too. (If any Roman driver’s reading this, I’m sorry because I know it can get annoying but we have only a few days in your lovely, gorgeous, Eternal City and we want to make every second count. We good, right? Because I’m so coming back.)
  • Cobblestones are tough on feet and shoes.
  • Many…many people smoke here. I actually noticed it as soon as I got off the train, the Leonardo Express, that brought me from Fiumicino airport to the city. Smokers are everywhere. Omnipresent. I come back at night with my hair smelling like smoke. Being around smoke makes me nauseous, so I frequently have to avoid walking behind or next to people brandishing live cigarettes, quickening my pace or crossing over to the other side. Maybe that’s why the chicken crossed the road too.
  • Haven’t mentioned it yet but the hotel I’m staying at is next to the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated. I found out only by reading the sign next to the excavated site. I haven’t seen any mention of it in the guidebooks I have. Called my dad to tell him about it since his favourite quote in the whole wide world is, “Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar.” Not because he has been stabbed in the back. He hasn’t, to the best of my knowledge. [No, you haven’t.]
  • When an extremely loud firecracker bomb went off near our table during dinner at Campo de’ Fiori today, I wondered what the hell those people creating such noise pollution in public spaces are thinking!
  • Cheese. Tomatoes.
  • It’s possible to twist your ankle even in flats. Especially when your foot is asleep and you try to stand on it without waking it up first. True story. Just saying it’s possible…
  • There’s a long list of places to visit this week. I have this strange feeling…it’s as if I goofed off last week and am feeling guilty about it. Will have to find a way around it.
  • Cappuccinos wake me up in the morning and keep me going all day long. It’s strong, man…it’s strong.


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  1. skydiver3333

    “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”
    Does not mean you start smoking or wearing too much of grey clothing. Means just enjoy the difference in culture.

    Love you,
    PS: Rishi did try to stab me in the back but withdraw his sword when I said “Et Tu, Brute.”

    • Karishma

      I cannot imagine bikes on cobblestones being anything less than a very bumpy ride.
      There are lots more pictures! :) I have to put them up soon (It’s raining here this week, so maybe I can use some of that time for it) and in case I make an album somewhere on the web, I’ll send you the link!

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