Your Special Day

WordPress‘s Freshly Pressed is a wonderful page and it did something wonderful for me today. It showed me this post: Christmas Birthdays Are A Rip Off « Smiling Mommy Blog and this post made me smile. The ones who commented on it agreed so whole-heartedly with the author’s suggestion, they made me grin. It all contributed to me making up my mind with respect to a thought I was flirting with.

My birthday’s in March. So is my younger brother‘s. In fact, it’s on the exact same day as mine. We share a birthday. We don’t get a special day for ourselves throughout the year. At all. Ever. When we were growing up, yes, we had two cakes at our birthday party, but only the one party for both of us! I know it isn’t the same as having your birthday on Christmas, because that’s an occasion that sometimes isn’t even a little bit about you, your presents have sometimes been re-gifted and are maybe fewer than they would have been otherwise. To be completely honest, sharing your birthday with a sibling means you get some attention at least. Plus, I absolutely adore my little brother so I do not mind sharing my birthday with him one bit. In fact, I love it–he was my 5th birthday gift!–and I love the date itself. But I still hope that if he or I ever get married, maybe, just maybe, our respective wedding anniversaries will be days when we wish each other a happy something without the response being “Same to you!” or “Wish you the same!” or anything ending in “you too” or anywhere in its vicinity!

Anyway, I was thinking of celebrating my birthday (a milestone one) on the upcoming trip. It would be two months too early and I could not forget that fact or be okay with it or feel like I really meant what I thought. Stubborn psyche and what not. Then, I read that post I’ve linked to up there. That and the comments I read helped validate my thoughts. It made me see that it’s not really that big a deal to celebrate your birthday earlier or later. It’s just about celebrating your life and you. Mostly you. Ideally each day of our lives would be a celebration of it, but perhaps that’s a tad impractical. So whenever you decide to do it, how you want to do it, when you want to do it, and, really, if you want to do it at all, is entirely up to you. I will be doing it with a solo trip, to mark the closing of the first few decades of my life–and the beginning of the next however many.

(Phew! I feel less pressure now to do something more remarkable than a trip to Europe to celebrate in March.)


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