Kiss the Rain

There’s rain and there are storms with thunder and lightning and torrential downpours. There’s always a clean feeling in the air after it. It’s been cleansed, the air we’re breathing. Everything is freshly washed and looks new. Isn’t that one purpose rain serves? It cleans everything without being forced to. Of its own will. Maybe the storms we face and the storms we weather in our lives do the same to us.

When it’s raining that’s all we see and all we feel is the wetness and discomfort that comes with getting drenched. It isn’t easy to have a clear perspective when we’re still trying to get out of the storm and get dry. But once it has passed we can finally see past the haze, we can see more clearly. When the storm leaves behind destruction of feelings and hurt emotions, that is all we see and we feel like it will never change. Sometimes we feel inadequate and sometimes we feel let down by people we’d placed our faith in. We’ve all fallen off pedestals we had no right to be on. We sulk and we mope believing life has changed forever. And maybe it has, but while this seems like the biggest issue we’re handling right now, as time passes it shrinks and becomes less important somehow.

And then, one day, as smiles creep back onto faces and laughter returns, we see that the dust has settled and what surrounds us may not be perfect in the way that we once imagined, or in the way that we wanted, but it can be nice in a different way–if only we let it, if only we’re ready to see it that way.

Maybe none of us will ever be that perfect version of ourselves and maybe we need to come to terms with it, for ourselves and for others. We need some level of acceptance. It doesn’t mean that we’re “settling”, it just means that we’re making the best of the hand we’ve been dealt because maybe, just maybe, moments of laughter with people we really love help make the storms just a little more trivial. It may not be much, but it helps.

And sometimes even as a storm rages about us, we may stumble upon precious gems like those. We need to learn to ignore the storm for a while, however short, savour the moments, treasure the memories and, if we remember, try our damnedest to bring them out whenever we need a little cheering up.


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