lighter note: dilemma resolved

My dilemma has been resolved. (In case you didn’t get that from the title…) The trip will be spent entirely in Rome. I spent a week in Seville, Spain, last year and found it to be a wonderful way to really get a feel of the place. I hope a couple of weeks in Rome will serve that purpose. The hotel is right next to Piazza Navona. In the very core of the ancient city. It has amazing reviews (and tie-ups with a spa!) and I’m so glad to have snagged a room there.

For some reason, I don’t remember Rome by day. I only remember seeing it by night. I was there just for a few days last time and used Rick Steves’ guidebook for Rome and the walks by night detailed in it, which I did follow, are mostly what stand out when I look back on the trip. (I think I left that book behind somewhere, have no idea where it is now and have had to buy the latest one, for 2012. I tell myself it’s worth it for whatever minor updates it includes. *rolls eyes*)

I was there in November last time and, while I’m going in the winter again, I have no idea what to pack! I’ve been googling it all week. I leave this Sunday, in two days, and started packing only on Monday (for a month-long trip, imagine that!) and I’m most undecided on the shoes I should take with me. It’ll rain, I know that. It always rains. No matter where I go, which part of the world it is, what time of the year it is, how long or how short the trip is, it always, inevitably rains at least once during the trip. I hate the rain. Absolutely detest it. Of course, the gods know that and so I think my trips must be cursed or something. The solo trips are, anyway, for I don’t remember it raining when I visited San Francisco with my brother.

Seems like drivel? Okay, I’ll stop. I thought, just in case someone who looks at this space is interested in knowing what eventually became of that confusion which was driving me completely nuts I should let them know, you know?


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