Swamps at Night

Confusion swirling, foggy haze.
Evenings are nights and nights are days
A thought appears and flits about,
Then vanishes, leaves behind doubt,
Doesn’t stay long enough to be
Recognised in its subtlety;
Are they giving you in Morse code
A warning of what will explode?
A word here and a picture there
Like lightning flash without a care
That your mind’s left in disarray
As you wonder, “What did they say?”
Like little rocks that we trip on,
Then look behind, and lo, they’re gone!
Nothing to track, they leave no trace,
Just empty spots filling their place.
Now restlessness will take its turn,
A daze persists, a flame still burns,
An urgency, but there’s no clue,
Is something wrong? What should I do?
I think I should be somewhere else,
For where I am someone else dwells,
And something’s wrong, I don’t know what!
It must be fixed, I can’t do squat–
Or don’t want to, I’m giving up,
Out of the blue, this is abrupt–
It’s taken me by surprise too
Don’t worry, hey, it’s not just you.
The mist is getting thicker still,
It hasn’t moved, no sign it will;
In it sometimes there is beauty,
But then, you know, it’s all ugly:
Like colours vivid shimmer, sway,
And then even tangerine’s grey…
(The whole thing’s an elaborate scam
Of your own mind; it’s a good plan.)
Some words you’d heard caused a small shift
In perception and the scales tipped;
Hidden thoughts, they’re not allowed
To let themselves be known about,
But when eyes open in the dark,
Night and day, a contrast stark,
You see thoughts chained to rotting trees
You see them struggling to break free
You see the truth of your own world,
As fog shapeshifts, confusion swirls…

~ Karishma


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