Safety First.

I’m not superstitious…I’m a little stitious.
Michael Scott, ‘The Office’

One night recently I wanted to keep my home lit with sources of non-electric lights, per tradition for that particular night in the year. So I went out and bought a ton of candles and promptly began lighting them and placing them in every room. At least two in every room. So that they don’t get lonely, of course. Satisfied with the arrangement of the flickering flames filling every space with a warm glow, I started to leave to have dinner with a friend and as I locked the door it suddenly struck me that I was actually leaving several little blazing fires unattended in my home. What if something bad happened?! All my shoes were in there! My hand still on the key in the front door, while considering whether I should put them out when I really didn’t want to, I did a quick mental count of how many candles I’d left burning. 14. Fourteen? Hmmm. That’s one more than 13, I thought. It’s gotta count for something. I took superstitious relief in that fact and locked the door.


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  1. My Musings

    Haha, and it turned out fine?
    I didn’t take that chance even though I didn’t go out. I substituted with LED lamps for all the rooms and outside decorations including entry doorway, and scented candles for the temple and family room.

    • Karishma

      It did turn out fine, thank goodness. The most that happened was one of the votive candles melting its own containing holder into an abstract shape. But that was delightful. Perhaps I will look into the safer LED lamps and such when this fascination with candles is over.

    • Karishma

      …but they’re insects, and, to me, that’s almost the same as candles burning unattended. Maybe even worse. Hahah
      Thanks so much for reading and for your comment! :)


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