Broken Promises

And wishes rise with no regard
For what I’d said, lessons learned hard,
Said I could clearly see your game
Promised I wouldn’t be the same,
Promised that my lips wouldn’t curve
In smiles for you, but would in smirks.
I promised that my eyes would see
Through all your words and I would be
Unmoved by them, I promised that!
I promised you I won’t be back;
My heart is cold, I told you so,
Please don’t come back, I’m yours no more.
I promised that your smile won’t charm,
Won’t melt, won’t linger, won’t disarm.
You promised me you did not care,
Then said, “To you it’s most unfair!”
It’s your last chance, I promised you,
I promised I now won’t be true.
I told you that I’ve had enough,
This takes its toll, it’s too damn tough!
Then on a cheerful cloudy day
They hop and skip and make false play
And leap and bound and flit away
As if they just weren’t meant to stay:
Somehow I’m helpless when you knock,
You look at me for a tick-tock,
But it feels like such a long while,
Your lips turn mine into a smile.
I thought I could just step right out
Of this circle, now I have doubts.
You open up your arms so warm,
I fit right in, it’s been too long,
As sparkling eyes prove my word wrong,
I prep for the impending storm.

~ Karishma


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