We complain and we whine and they tolerate it. We snap in a moment of frustration and they ignore it. We lose our short and hot temper and they put up with it. They fulfil our fancies and cater to our whims and patiently ask us what else we would like when our sulking selves are turning everything down. They stay awake all night for us and wake up at odd hours just for us. They walk around with us until their feet ache and heads throb and don’t tell us until the sun has set and it’s time to go home. They find ways to cheer us up, smile and keep their cool when we lose ours.

There are people who always surround us, irrespective of location. They’re people whom we cannot imagine our lives without. Some relationships aren’t governed by boundaries and aren’t dependent upon distance. They can be simple and basic and easy and comfortable and cozy and that’s what we miss when we leave. But then we get back into our fortress, carefully built brick-by-brick, gently shut the heavy door and occasionally look out a window, sometimes waving at them, the same people, as they pass by, sometimes refusing to acknowledge their presence and sometimes staring at them with unseeing eyes.

They’re invaluable. Appreciate them. Treasure them. And give back.


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