Why Not?

When you’re reading Erich Segal’s Love Story as a young, naïve person, especially as someone in love, new love, you think “Because.” is the most romantic response you’ve heard or read thus far. It becomes the greatest love story ever and you wish and wish that would happen to you, that you fall in love so madly, so deeply, that you find that elusive, heartwarming feeling of utter comfort and complete strength with another person.

When you grow up, having seen life’s curveballs and strikes and having let them disillusion you, you read that same book, those same pages and think, Because? The hell kinda response is that?! Why would she throw her career away?! What a silly, unambitious chick. How could he love her knowing that? Bozo?! You roll your eyes. How inane!

But just because you find it difficult to believe in the existence of such deep love as the book portrays, just because you are a confirmed skeptic, just because you’re becoming increasingly cynical doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, or that two other people may not have found it, or that others around you aren’t in the process of discovering their places of refuge which are hidden in another’s loving arms. Your lack of faith doesn’t make it any less real.


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