A rut, a rut: You’re stuck in one
Unstuck, wonder, how to become
Surroundings unaware of you
Or are you ignoring them too?
It’s mutual, quite simply, see,
Nothing is ever really free
You give some more to get some back
Maybe you’re kind but get back flak
Whining will very little do
At the end it is up to you—
Thus they go on and so they say,
Tomorrow is another day—
But, wait, that doesn’t help you move
It doesn’t help you out the groove
A change of scene! you think real quick,
I know that will just do the trick!
You know this could do you some good
(Besides, at what’s under the hood
You won’t have to look for a while)
Oh, it’s perfect! the mind beguiles.
Maybe that is just what you need
Or maybe later you’ll concede
Change was what you should’ve seen to
In perspective or point of view.

~ Karishma


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