Quoting SatC ~ Romance

Miranda: That is the cheesiest thing I have ever heard. In my life. Ick!
Carrie: I know. I can’t even look at you all right now. I’m so embarrassed.
Charlotte: It all sounds very old world to me. Very 18th century Russia.
Carrie: Yes, and I live in New York City circa now. I think it’s romantic if someone offers me a seat on the subway.
Miranda: That is romantic.
Charlotte: I wanna hear more about the romance. What else? What else did he do?
Carrie: Well, there was one more thing but if I tell you, it will be the ick heard around the world.
Charlotte: It will not!
Carrie: You know the song that he wrote for me?
Miranda: Yeah. Ick.
Carrie: Well, it had a name. La femme avec les yeux lumineux.
Charlotte: The woman with eyes that…
Carrie: Sparkle…
Samantha: What’s French for ick?
Miranda: Eeeck.
Carrie: And I swear to you while he was playing it, I floated up out of my body and I was on the ceiling looking down at myself thinking, “Come on!”

– Sex and the City, ‘The Ick Factor’


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