Waves of emotions rise and fall
You don’t know why or can’t recall
The moment that brought this about
But something’s not right, there’s no doubt
You’re sure something’s a bit off keel
It’s something in the way you feel
It tells you, Seek and you will find!
That leads you to a confused mind
With muddled things which make no sense
And thoughts you find aren’t worth tuppence
You suspect things aren’t what they seem
It’s like you’re caught in a strange dream
Where you can’t see behind a door
When that is all you want, no more.
Again you try to analyse
Your mind, that intricate device
Uneasiness brings you no rest
No solutions it does suggest
You seek answers, or so you think,
You think you stand close to the brink
Of discovering what’s got to you
But you know too that that’s not true
That it’s only the surface scratched
That you want to ignore the patch
That’s bare, where flowers never grow
You know something’s hidden below
You know if you do dig you’ll find
Things which are better left behind
And so you will just shrug and say
“I’ll think of it another day.”

~ Karishma


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  1. skydiver3333

    “Your mind, that intricate device”.
    This is the most intriguing part of the human body and the universe.
    It gives rise to these intricate writings which are so difficult for us plebeians to comprehend.
    Great writing, however I have to read it a few times more to really understand the depth and will then enjoy it more.

  2. My Musings

    Well written, my dear.
    Brings to my mind the last line of “Gone With The Wind”:

    “After all… tomorrow is another day!”

    This quote is ranked #31 in the American Film Institute’s list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.

      • My Musings

        There’s been many times when I have said to myself,” I’ll think about this later. Let me focus on what I have to do today. Tomorrow I might have time to think about it.” It has helped me tide through many crises in life, one day at a time. Scarlett’s courage was personally very inspirational to me, and I would actually pick up the book, read through some of the passages, square my shoulders and start working on what I had to do. Because life still had to go on and there were people that depended on me.
        Your poem reminds me of that. I believe it’s a protective mechanism that the mind uses to shield itself from devastating hurt.


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