The Crux

What matters isn’t who you are with, how many friends you have, how often you party or how much your house is worth. Whether you have a partner for life doesn’t matter. Neither does whether you’re filthy rich. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fat or thin or whether you have a new wardrobe every season or the latest gadget or the most expensive car. Your bank balance doesn’t matter and neither does the beautifully-cut crystal glass or the 25 year-old single malt whiskey it holds. The shine and sparkle of the gigantic rock on your left ring finger doesn’t matter. What matters isn’t the bag on your arm or the shoes on your feet or how often you travel and which hotels you stay at. You could be alone or surrounded by people, you could be single or attached–it’s immaterial. No matter how long you live, life’s short. Whatever you’re doing, wearing, eating, drinking, wherever you are, whomever you’re with, the only thing that matters is: Are you happy?


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