A Pair of Sonnets

Lovingly, she gazes, with a softness
In her eyes; her smiling pink lips doth part

Tenderly, as though in a state of bliss.

Catching sight of a flash, her brown eyes dart–
They look to the right with a fading smile…
She knows she’s caught, now she’ll be forced to choose
Just one, be torn between her desires.
“How easy it was,” she thought, “when I used
To have no choice, there was but one, just one;
Simplicity was good, I gave it up,
Now I’m here not knowing what must be done
With that which runneth over, ’tis my cup!”
Deep breath, eyes closed, she makes her move,
With a pirouette, smiles, “This shoe will do!”


The shoe, it sits in silence on its shelf,
Waiting to be picked up and worn and loved;
It knows its beauty casts a coloured spell.
She can’t resist, she will wear it and strut.
It lends her height, it lends her some more grace,
Elongates legs and makes her look divine.
The shoe, it puts a smile on her sweet face
Until she sees another and says, “Mine!”
Her shoe closet is much taller than her
So stepstools are kept nearby and handy.
“I love all my shoes, none do I favour.”
“With shoes I’m five-seven, five-two, five-three.”
She said to “Your collection is too much!”
“Til I have them all–hush! It’s not enough.”

[Dedicated to my aunt, the best of her kind, who told me she’d had just about enough of all the seriousness here and insisted I write something in a lighter vein, more representative of me than darkness. Dedicated also to her sister, my mother, who enjoys playing Devil’s advocate to my bright ideas, frustrating me to the extent that I end up writing something better, just to show her that I can.]


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  1. hellionworks

    For choices give you just so much more
    In footwear, which you so clearly adore
    And the truth is that they’re useful otherwise too
    You know life’s too short, so buy the darn shoes
    For on nights when you’re sparring a bout with insomnia
    You make posts with pics of les bottes Aquatalia

    As always, loved the post! The first one had me wondering for a bit, and then I hit the last line… or rather, it hit me!! Keep them coming!

    • Karishma

      Wow, I’ll bet you came up with that in less than a minute: brilliance in 30 seconds!

      Thank you very much for letting me know you enjoyed it so; it’s always encouraging! I will do my best to not disappoint.

  2. hellionworks

    My meter, mam’selle, is off by about a kilometer, but I will graciously accept the “brilliance in 30 seconds” bit – makes my day, you see. Thank you for that! And this, on top of the sonnets!

    And I wouldn’t worry much about disappointment. With your skills, you’d have to try really hard to disappoint!

  3. My Musings

    She treats her shoes with much regard
    They claim pride of place, always in sight;
    Not like mine that lie in dingy closets
    Only when worn do they see the light
    Her shoes bring cheer to her room and her life
    She smiles as she wishes them good morn and night

    Some shoes reside in beautiful cases,
    Others in well kept boxes are found
    Yet some are polished and displayed in her room
    While the well worn ones lie strewn around
    They make her feel as if she’s walking in the clouds
    But really the shoes keep her feet firmly on the ground

    Her shoes have come from all over the world
    She truly has an international selection
    I would just caution, don’t try to borrow one
    Or you might not be treated with affection
    Great piece my dear, continue walking in the clouds
    Life is too short, enjoy your collection!!

    If it makes you smile, it’s worth it!!!!

    • Karishma

      I woke up to this loveliness and what a beautiful start to my day! You are amazing to have come up with that! It’s so perfect. The descriptions couldn’t be any better or more apt. And, yes, the borrowing bit couldn’t possibly be truer. The poem is so wonderful, it makes me laugh and clap my hands in glee! I exaggerate not. Thank you for this. You’ve made my day, possibly my week and once I jot this down on paper it will be preserved for posterity, along with your creativity and fabulosity.
      Thank you for writing this marvellous piece for me. You’re amazing.


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