May You Live!

A birthday wish is sent.
Simple on the surface,
but a thousand wishes lay underneath.
Wishes, not for the recipient’s happiness.
Wishes, not for a long life
nor a prosperous year.
The words expressing affection
and conveying endearment.
Words, seemingly straightforward
with thoughts behind it convoluted,
Two words would have sufficed
but twelve were utilised.
“Blah blah blah,
and, don’t forget:
and so on and so forth.”

Remaining unsaid,
a wish to be redeemed against hope.
A wish to overturn the rock
and witness the underbelly of the torment.
A wish to evoke a thought
of this existence,
of present,
and realms in between.
A wish to be remembered,
a wish for much more, known but superficially,
and so on.
Unspoken was desire to reach within
and remain permanently affixed.
The desire to be manifested in thoughts.
A desire for evidence of an intangible.
A desire beneath which lay a basement of guilt.

the reason behind it.
Words previously relayed, now strike unfortunate.
A wish that they had remained unuttered,
words of whole, factual truth,
but false, irrelevant meaning.
Words transmitted with intention clear,
but belied by hope.
A first, yet not new.
Eureka! Torment created, let the writhing begin.
Eyes bright, wide open, glitter, sparkle, smile.
A hard exterior, made of determined jaw and hearty laughter, gave.
Nature cannot be fought
and balance is sought…

…and restored when the simple wish
peppered with imaginary numbers and invisible strings is sent.

But underneath it,
now there lay hidden knowledge.
Layers of hope and resistance wrapping it,
crackle, near blazing candles,
revoking wishes,
setting them aflame,
amidst whispers of nothing special and nothing but.

Hope present is its futile shadow.
Missing, lost, not found.
May the wish to be acknowledged be ignored.
May the wish to be remembered remain forgotten.
May existence be a vice and life remain the virtue.
May the meaningless never float within reach
of powerful fingers of gods that grant them.
The only wish is to come full-circle
and step outside it.
The wish to finish what had begun.
A wish for the end,
so there is a beginning.
A desire to make the final effort
to know there it was.
To know that the path of least resistance was reconsidered.
That the easiest way out attempted before had been reclaimed,
then tossed aside
and remained untaken.
No hope,
for a lesson that struggled to be understood for so long is finally learned,
but the knowledge that the most was given unto it
and the best, done,
for that is how this life is lived.

Take these wishes of a happy day,
a great life,
fulfilled dreams,
abundant happiness,
so on and so forth.
Here’s to you,
let’s have a toast,
let’s drink to your charming smile
and your faithful absence in this life,
my constant companion…
May they remain ever present!
And so on and so forth.


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