Morning’s At Six

It’s the kind of day I usually don’t like but one of my closest friends loves days like these (and I roll my eyes at him when he proclaims that love). It’s wet and rainy outside. The sky is cloudy; there’s no blue in it; it’s all grey.  The curtains are drawn and although it’s fairly warm outside, it’s nice and cool in here. I woke up early, practiced some yoga and made myself a delicious cup of coffee. I lit an oil burner and poured some freesia home fragrance oil in it. Even the smell of that is making me happy. A Parisian jazz radio station is playing, filling the entire space with beautiful music. Life feels sublime. At this moment I firmly hold the opinion that waking up early gives you time to do so much more with the day. That’s the effect coffee has on me. Will I write about the crash that’s inevitable after the caffeine high wears off? Probably not.

Why don’t we live life like this? Why don’t we enjoy the little things that can bring us joy? We focus so much on the negative, on all the things that aren’t going well. We spend our time worrying about problems that don’t matter at the end of the day. If there’s a sticky situation that causes us anxiety, either we should fix it or we must find a way to deal with it. Blaming someone else for the problems in our life will not help us. It is we who must take control of the situation and become responsible for our own happiness. It took me so long to understand this. Many of us don’t know how not to place our happiness in someone else’s hands and we let another person control our frame of mind. But, think about it, how much easier would it be if we choose to take the reins!

Let’s consider an example. If a person upsets us and we do nothing about it, we’re basically endorsing their obnoxious behaviour. It’s a choice that we’re making, allowing them to behave that way with us. So we should derive our happiness from that then, right? I mean, why would we actually want to be unhappy?! We’re always acting in our own best interests, aren’t we? (Well, if we aren’t, we should be.) When we can take care of the problem, however tough such an action may be, why won’t we do it? If that person is more important to us than a stress-free life, then, fine! It shouldn’t upset us that much, should it?! What does it mean otherwise? If we can do something about it, but we don’t…and then we claim we want to be happy? Quite a contradiction, don’t you think? Let’s take a moment, sit back, think about all the things, big and small, that we enjoy…which of these can we use to help us seize those fleeting moments of joy that easily elude us?

The jazz station is playing more upbeat numbers. I’ve added cucumber fragrance oil to the oil burner, the smell of which can have a very calming effect. It’ll help me deal better with that crash I predicted. I’ve taken my time writing this little piece. In the meantime, the rain has stopped, the sun’s playing hide-and-seek with us and the day’s becoming even better…except for the humidity. But, hey! It just makes my curls curlier. I just tried on a skirt which I’d had altered to fit me perfectly two years ago when I was at my skinniest (80 lbs and worried). I’m not that skinny or that light anymore, but it fits again. And, as the poem by Robert Browning goes, all’s right with the world.

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  1. Sid Sharma

    You are right. Happiness is within us and we should not let another human being cause us to lose that. Understanding this is important and is equivalent to giving another person control of our mind.

    A lot of this also depends on the attitude. “Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” David Hume 1742. We can find joy in looking at a flower or look at it with disdain that it is just a flower. Brown paper bags tied with a string are also beautiful – Sound of Music.So if we have an attitude of happiness, we will be happy.

    The pleasure and peace at getting up early I realized about 20 years back and have been getting up at 4AM since then. I love spending time with my thoughts, shifting through various things on my mind and contemplating.I don’t know if this is meditation but I do know that it gives me peace of mind and happiness.

    Live life with love, peace and happiness and don’t let other people’s actions upset us.



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