A Jog Around the Blog

If you haven’t heard already (I’ve said it about 1,378,524 times now.) I bought a domain name yesterday! Now, that may not mean much or seem like a big deal to many of you, but this has me thrilled. I’ve used the moniker ‘brown-eyed miracle’ for a while now and I’m so happy to have finally bought that domain name! Naturally, in my own fashion, I went overboard and made a Facebook page for my new “website” and invited my supportive friends to “Like” the page so I’d feel all warm and fuzzy about it. Lukewarm responses so far.

I can’t fall asleep for some reason so I was doing a bit of online blog-reading. I came across a Freshly Pressed post which made me smile plenty (and laugh a little too: I found that image the author, Kaitlin, uses with the “K” two-liner absolutely hilarious!) and I decided that I had to step it up. I suppose you could say it inspired me. I certainly think it did. I decided to find an image to associate with a recent post and I remembered one from PostSecret. I used that postcard as a point to ponder. It makes for a good one, doesn’t it? I hit ‘Publish’ and saw a page I hadn’t seen before.

Click on it! It made me smile and get all giddy. Alright, so it’s giving me helpful suggestions and I welcome them, yada yada yada. But it’s also giving me ideas for my next post! And it’s basically telling me: You’ve written this many posts now; good job! We shared your post with these web-spheres, emailed it to this number of subscribers, this is how you will be notified of comments (so look out for those) and hey! How about writing something else while you’re around? Here, we’ll give you some ideas to help you get started.

This is Awesome! (Yes, with a capital ‘A’ and an exclamation mark.) You probably think I’m just being silly by getting excited over something so trivial. But it’s kind of a big deal to me because it just makes me feel…like I own that block now and they’re helping me make it better–Waiiiiiiiit a second! It just occurred to me that this is when they start putting ads on the website! *Gasp* So, obviously they want me to have more viewers and when I do, they’ll insert “discreet” little ads here and there and I’ll have to pay to remove them! Oooh, what a diabolical plan…

Anyway, the next post is coming up real soon! I’ll deal with the ads if and when they appear. Until then, it’s giggles, smiles and ideas and words and writing and other such stuff all the way.

4 thoughts on “A Jog Around the Blog

  1. After reading Atlas Shrugged, you have to read Fountain Head.
    That explains the real meaning of love and altruism.

    Congrats on getting your website.
    May you find your passion of writing become vibrant, as the Mind is the Fountain for all great creations(another reason to read Fountain Head).


    1. I actually read The Fountainhead when I was 16. But I do certainly think it is time to revisit it–this time with a completely different frame of mind and thinking capacity. (Incidentally, she wrote The Fountainhead before Atlas Shrugged…and then she stopped writing fiction!)

      Thank you very much for your kind, meaningful wishes! They mean a lot to me and you know it.

      Lots of love,
      Your (favourite) daughter

      1. Fountain Head – it exemplifies the depth of love, altruism and is sometimes difficult to comprehend the actual philosophy of Ayn Rand.
        There are two philosophies that are important in this book – the philosophy of love and how much Dominique loves Howard that she tries to destroy his career to spare him the ridicule of the world and when needed she sacrifices herself for him. The other philosophy is the greatness of the human mind and what all the mind can achieve.
        Atlas Shrugged was an extension of the same philosophies -greatness of love and the greatness of the mind. She increased the scope and took this book to include the whole of US and thus has many strong characters.

        I think she said it all in these two books and another one with the same theme might not have been appropriate to the propagation of her thinking.

        You must own these books and read them frequently to help you with the thinking process.
        Clears many thoughts when confused or in doubt.

        Best wishes on your reading and enjoy it, which you will.

        1. Thank you, Pops! As soon as I finish the last little bit of Atlas Shrugged (you know what I’m talking about), I’ll try to acquire a copy of The Fountainhead for myself. :)

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