Some Like It Botched

Some relationships are doomed from the start. Maybe there’s a rude word said in haste, maybe an unintentional, illicit, intoxicated kiss, maybe a secret kept to protect the other. But the relationship still continues despite these mishaps. The people involved have chosen to ignore the damage that has been done. They think the bond is stronger than it really is. They think none of it will affect them and life can continue as it should have.

Yes, they were in love. He was and she was, too. “I want to grow old with you,” he said and, thus, she fell. The blows that struck their relationship soon after were brushed off lightly. The feeling of being in love still lingered and they followed that. The deeper they went, the worse it became. They grew closer and the problems bothered them even more. It ate them from within. By now it was too late to bring up the past and fight about it. They were supposed to love each other now, regardless of what had happened earlier. They had decided to stick together despite that, right? Why should it break them up now? So they continue on, loving each other like they are supposed to, resenting each other for things they couldn’t say anymore.

The problems don’t go away. They become issues that manifest themselves in so many different ways. Maybe it’s intentional sabotage of the relationship they don’t really care for anymore, but refuse to admit to even themselves. They try to hurt each other in so many ways. They try to move away, but can’t because of reasons they won’t say aloud. Maybe it has to do with convenience, maybe they aren’t strong enough yet or maybe they just don’t want to give up. The boy and the girl stay together, they continue to grow closer while pushing each other away. They live their lives together, giving each other the importance they should and want to. But the wounds have festered and the relationship will be severed at the next first opportunity.

They had fought, argued, quarreled so much that it isn’t possible for them to imagine themselves with each other anymore. They actively remember the bad times, but the good times have carved themselves a nice little spot too. Years had been spent together and a strange thing happened along the way. They can’t be the same with anyone else. She can’t use the same terms of endearment for another boy. She used them with such love and affection for him. He can’t help but think of her when he utters those words or hears them. They have moved on from it, but a fragment of that lost relationship remains somewhere deep within them.

Now they refuse to ignore the damage that was done to their relationship. They will remember it in weak moments when they stumble towards each other. But something has changed. They thought it wouldn’t affect them and life could continue as if nothing ever happened. They don’t realise that they left something behind. Yes, they both made grave, unforgivable mistakes with each other, but he had meant it when he told her he wanted to grow old with her and she had fallen too deeply.


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  1. Saman

    ‘to grow old with u’ such white lie’s ! i have a longer list !
    such insightfull thoughts only a few hold..
    wt a shame ! only d more ignorant ones(men) we once behold..
    smile, for u have not to worry..
    someone as wise as u isnt a plenty..
    who of all knows her heart..
    and of others you highly regard..
    for HE (God) see’s ur heart a pure..

    • Karishma

      Saman, those are such sweet words and I thank you for them. Maybe one day we’ll exchange thoughts and laugh over the mishaps and the mistakes and the milestones, good and bad. Thank you so much for reading, writing back, and sharing your wonderful thoughts with me. I’m really glad you found my blog. :)

      • Saman

        with reference to ma previous comment.. i wud like to restate the first sentence..
        ‘to grow old wid u’ such white lie’s ! i have a longer list ! and a ring ! ;O
        m glad to come across ur blog aswell..
        I do read alot and lov it since as long as i can remember and now days mostly blogs..d last book in hand i read was 4 months back..
        I usually pik up a mistry or smthing wid a touch of humor as how rarely does one come across work of writters within whome u see youelf… and to much of ma surprise and sanity, i can see maself in ur thoughts and experiences…as if m reading ma mind !
        its crazy and exciting !
        n yesss one day xchanging up on all dt ! y not ! wud lov itt :D

        • Karishma

          It’s all just part of the journey, isn’t it? We make mistakes and learn from them and vow to never repeat them. I learned a lot from that relationship too. I’m glad to hear of our common passion for reading and I’m so thrilled that you enjoy my writings, ramblings, musings and relate to them as well. It always makes me feel satisfied to know that someone can identify with the things I write about. It’s a wonderful feeling. :)
          Also, I hope you’re doing well and are living a very happy life.

          • Saman

            yess… prt of d journey… n learning too but may b i shud hf jus joined summer skool for an easier learning hehehehe.. it al passes.. u get up ,pik ur slef ,wash ur face.. n head on to a newer path ! yaa m al gud… a blessing i thank for daily.. how often do we come across ppl who lov u unconditionally wid al their heart.. ! d last book i read was ‘How to kill your husband and other handy houshold tips”.. u read it too once u r like few yrs into ur marriage only then u can enjoy it ! do recomend books worth a read.. or smthing wid humor !


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