Hello, Strange…

I saw a dream last night, or rather this morning, in which I was wearing a jumpsuit. I remember very little of the dream otherwise. This jumpsuit was cream-colored, with thin, widely spaced olive-green stripes. It was made of a soft knit fabric, with a floaty, falling boat-neck. The fabric clung to the body and took on its shape. It was cinched at the waist and had wide leg pants. It looked absolutely fabulous!

There was a man next to me in the dream, almost like an accessory. He was wearing a bluish-grey suit, I think. I have no idea what he looked like, none at all.

So, this morning I started searching for jumpsuits. I have never, ever favored them or even considered wearing one. I decided to go shopping in the evening, but tried to see if I could find something online. I stumbled across several google search results mentioning Spring-Summer 2011 trends, but I ignored them because I wanted to buy the damn thing, not read about it! Then after searching a while, I clicked on some of these articles, all saying the jumpsuit is a major trend for this summer. There’s even a Harper’s Bazaar article posted just yesterday.



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